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Medical Billing Services

Today’s billing process challenges even the largest healthcare providers. But for small-to-medium sized hospitals, private practices and clinics, the burden is far greater. There simply isn’t enough time in the day for you and your staff to stay ahead of constantly changing insurance and compliance regulations.

The result? Lost revenue and an open door for costly risk.

What if you could employ a dedicated and flexible team of medical billing experts to help you improve cash flow and foster stronger patient relationships with complete and consistent billing and revenue cycle management?

Provider Credentialing with Payers

Medical provider credentialing with payers is a complex and time-consuming process that requires expertise and regular attention. It is critical for timely and successful implementation of new medical services and onboarding of new providers in practices. Additionally, ongoing payer recredentialing is a crucial and often overlooked piece to the success of a practice.

Our experienced credentialing experts manage this critical-to-success service in collaboration with our clients. Contact us to explore how SilverCreek RCM can assist you with credentialing.

Improved cash flow.
Stronger patient relationships.

SilverCreek RCM focuses solely on the challenges of Midwest-based hospitals, private practices and specialty clinics. With over 35 years experience in providing medical billing services, you can trust SilverCreek RCM to accurately manage even your most complex revenue-related activities from start to finish. A reliable partner focused on improving your cash flow.

Areas Of Expertise

Hospitals, Rural Health Clinics, Hospital Clinics, Radiology, Anesthesiology, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Radiation Oncology, Physical Therapy, Physiatry, Speech Pathology, Otolaryngology, Pediatrics, Neurology, Cardiology, Pain Management, Rural Hospitals, Podiatry, ENT, Emergency Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Pathology, Imaging Centers, and more.

On average, clients have seen a significant increase in billing revenue after onboarding with SilverCreek RCM.

Here are just a few more benefits you can expect:

Reduce AR days overall, and lower denial and rejection rates with a complete, precise and streamlined billing process.
Trust our AAPC- and Medicare-certified team with deep knowledge of industry best practices, changing regulations and trends.
Give your patients one-on- one support that responds quickly to their inquiries and answers all of their questions thoroughly.
Minimize business disruption with our flexible operations that work easily and securely with our medical billing software or your existing medical billing software.

Hire the experts at SilverCreek RCM and delegate part or all of your billing and revenue cycle management activities with confidence, so you and your staff can focus fully on providing the best patient care.

What our providers have to say.

"SilverCreek RCM does a tremendous job. Their associates are efficient and easy to work with . I would highly recommend their services"

~ Dr. Kevin H

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